Environment Science Preview Year Questions Paper

Environment Science Preview Year Questions Paper



Environment Science Questions paper can be used full  to all Department like BSC Biotech , BCA, BSC IT , BSC, B.SC Agriculture /Forestry , BBA , BPT, BBA HM , And any more Subject Compulsory to Study and Learn Environment Science . these paper can be help to these types learning study  Student  and  get more about this mark in  this Subject

Environment Science Preview Year Questions  2015.

Sections –A

(Objective Types of Questions)

  1. Attempt all Question each Questions are Carries Marks .
  2. United Nations Conference on Human Environment in 1972 was held in …………….
  3. The state animal of Uttarakhand is ……………
  4. The state Flower of Uttarakhand is ………..
  5. World environment Day is an …………..
  6. Goura devi is associated with
  • Chipko Movement .
  • Tehri Dam Movement .
  • Jal Yatra .
  • All of the Above .
  1. Who coined the term Ecosystem ?
  • Haeckel
  • G Tansley
  • O Wilson
  • P . Odum
  1. Emission of the Following gases causes acid rain .
  • Co2 and CO
  • NO2 & SO2
  • O3 & CO
  • None of These .
  1. Richter Scale Measures :
  • Noise
  • Temperature
  • Earthquake
  • None of the Above .
  1. Write true of False :
  • Minamata Disease was Caused due to the Abundances of Nitrates in water (True / False )
  • The Gas Responsible for Bhopal gas Tragedy was 1983 (True/False).

Section B


  1. Type of Food Chain .
  2. Biosphere reserve .
  3. Environmental Hazards in Himalaya .
  4. Control Measures of air Pollution .
  5. Causes and effect of Ozone Layer deletion .
  6. Non –Convectional energy Sources .
  7. Solid waste Management .


  1. What is Global warming ?. Discuss the Consequence of Global Warming .
  2. Define “Environment “ discuss the multidisciplinary nature of environmental science.
  3. What are major threads of Biodiversity?. Describe various measure of Biodiversity conservation .
  4. What do you mean by Population explosion ? Discuss in Indian Scenario.

Section –D


Q4.    Write detailed report on any field work (Study of any Ecosystem /study of any Polluted site /study of any resource of Your area ) Undertaken by You under the Various Sub-headings : Objectives , Methodology , Observations and Conclusion.

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