Diploma engineering Question paper of Engineering Drawing

Diploma engineering Question paper of Engineering Drawing


This paper can be used full all diploma engineering branch like , civil engineering , mechanical engineering , Computer science engineering , Electrical engineering and all branch of diploma engineering groups. and you can download Engineering Drawing paper to help and Improve your marks .        

Attempt all question .Each Question carries equal Marks .

Q1. Fill in the Blanks .

  1. In orthographic Projection , ______ are Perpendicular to the Plane of Projection .
  2. Section Lines are generally drawn at an angle of ____ Degree to the Horizontal .
  3. In third angle Projection the ______ lies between ____ & the Plane .
  4. If a line is parallel to plane its resulting view on that plane would be a_____.
  5. The three principal plane of projections are H.P ____ & _______ palne.
  6. IN first angle Projection the ______ is Drawn below the front view.
  7. _______ line is a discontinuous equal dashed line.
  8. For the object placed in Fourth quadrant both top & front view lie ____ reference line.
  9. If a Plane is _____ To plane its resulting view on that plane would be line.
  10. If a line is ____ to plane its resulting view on that plane would be line of shorter dimension .

Q2. Attempt any two Questions .

  1. Draw the following sentence in free hand single stroke inclined capital lettering .Take the height of letters should be 8mm and ratio 7:4.
  2. A 50 mm long line PQ is Inclined at 30 & 50 to H.P &V.P respectively . Its end “p” lies on H.P & V.P Drew its Projections & also show the Traces .
  3. Draw a plain scale to show metres & decimeters where 2 meter is represented by 4 centimeters & long enough to measure upto 8 meters.

Q3.Attempt any  One Questions :

  1. Draw the plan ,elevation & side view of the object shown below by first angle Projection method .
  2. Draw the Projections of 40 mm sided regular Pentagon , which lies 25 mm in Front of V.P & is Parallel to It . One side of the Pentagon is Perpendicular to the H.P & 20 mm Above it . Also show the traces .



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