Bsc IT Software engineering Preview Year Questions Paper for UTU

Bsc IT Software engineering Preview Year Questions Paper for UTU

Bsc it software engineering preview year questions paper can be used full all It department student , like bsc it , BCA , MCA , Computer science candidate .   

Bsc IT Software engineering Preview Year Questions Paper

Question paper for UTU 2016-17

Questions paper for Software engineering   

Note: Attempt any Two Questions  Form Each Unit , Each Questions Carry Equal Marks .

Q1. Define The term Software ,Software Components and Software engineering ?.

Q2. Define the Following :

  • Prototyping Model
  • Evolutionary Model

Q3. Explain an Advantage of Adhering to life cycle Model for Software Development ?.

Note: Attempt any Two Questions :

Q4. How does a spiral Model Represent a Process suitable to represent ?.

Q5. Which types of Applications suit RAD Model ? Also Explain Waterfall Model ?.

Q6. Explain the Concept of Life Cycle Model ? What is the Difference between a program and a Software product ?.

Note: Attempt any Two Questions :

Q7. List Five Desirable Characteristics of good SRS Document ? Discuss the real time Advantages of Formal and Informal Requirement Specifications ?.

Q8. Why Modularity is Important in Software Project ? what are the steps Involved in Design Stage of a Software ?.

Q9. Discuss the Objective of Modular Software design , What do You mean by Term cohesion and Coupling in Context of Software Design ?.

Note: Attempt any Two Questions :

Q10. What do you mean by integrations testing and system testing ? Discuss it on outcome basis ?.

Q11. Explain about black box testing methods and its advantages & Drawbacks ?.

Q12. What is the difference between coding standard and coding guidelines ? why ae these important in Software Development Organizations ? write down five Important coding standard and guideline ?.

Note: Attempt any Two Questions :

Q13. Justify the statement software maintenance is Costlier ?.

Q14. Describe the steps involved in Risk Management ?.

Q15. Write short Notes on Following ?

  1. Cocomo
  2. An overview of Case Toots ?



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