Bsc IT Operating System Question Paper for UTU

Bsc IT Operating System Question Paper for UTU

Operating system Question paper can be used full  to bsc it , bca , and computer science student to help the get more out of number these subject .


Q1. Attempt any Six Questions:

  1. What is a thread ? what is the concept of Multithreading ?
  2. What is Contiguous and non-contiguous memory allocation? Give Examples?.
  3. Explain the concept of Virtual Memory . What is paging , name and explain any two page replacement algorithms ?.
  4. Explain the relocating loader with its advantages and disadvantages ?.
  5. What is a Process ? what is a process control block (PCB)?. Explain in detail ?.
  6. Consider Following set of Jobs :

JOB                                      ARRIVAL TIME                   RUN TIME

1                                             10                                        2

2                                             10                                        2

3                                             11                                        1

4                                             13                                        3

5                                             14                                        1

7. what is Operating system ? define types of Operating system ?.


Determine finish time & Turnaround time using following methods :

  1. Shortest job first (Assume quant urn=0.5)
  2. Round Robin .

Q2. Attempt any Ten Questions :

  1. Explain address allocation and page replacement in virtual memory management ?.
  2. Name & Explain in brief any 4 Function of an operating system?.
  3. Enlist the services Provided by Operating system, discuss the hierarchical structure to design operating system?.
  4. What is a file ?. what are the different file operations and explain ?.
  5. Define system deadlock , also explain deadlock handling techniques ?.
  6. Explain the concept of segmentation ? what is paged segmentation?.
  7. What is windows Thread ? also define Thread ?.
  8. What is windows security ? discuss of Security mechanics in windows ?.
  9. What is antivirus ? why be used Antivirus on Windows system ?.
  10. Define How its work on Operating system?
  11. Define how virus is Infected on your computer ?.

Q3. Attempt any Five Questions :

  1. What is Operating system ? explain types of operating system?.
  2. Define Disk Head Scheduling & Free Space management ?.
  3. Explain Batch Processing in Short ? and also explain Batch file techniques ?.
  4. Describe Context Switching in Brief ?.
  5. Define Page Fault & Thrashing ?.
  6. Define Conditional Critical regions in Brief ?.




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