BSC IT Multimedia Technology and Applications Preview Year Question Paper

BSC IT Multimedia Technology and Applications Preview Year Question Paper 


Multimedia Technology and Application Paper can be used Full all BSC IT , BCA, B.TECH, Computer Science Computer Animation and all Multimedia Student who study multimedia filed , Multimedia Technology and Application question Paper help the get more out of Number of Multimedia Subject .

BSC IT Multimedia Technology and Applications Preview Year Question Paper  

Note: All questions are each Marks
Q1. Attempt any Eight Questions:
1. Explain Goals & Objectives of Multimedia ? Explain use of Multimedia in GUI Development of Web Application ?.
2. Explain Different Techniques used for the Text Compression with Example ?.
3. Explain Different Techniques of Animation along with the example?.
4. How Audio is Captured ? How do you define Quality of Audio data?.
5. Describe MHEG Standards & also Explain different classes of MHEG Model ?.
6. With a diagram show how MIDI Instrument can be Interfaced with a Pc ?.
7. What are the various stages of a Multimedia Technology Project ?.
8. Different between Raster or Bitmap Image ?.
9. Explains Internet Addressing ?.

Q2. Attempt any Eight Questions :
1. What is Authoring ? Explain Feature of any one authoring tool used in Multimedia ?.
2. Explain the Compression Methodology used in the MPEG-IV?.
3. Explain The Various Video Broadcast Standards ?.
4. Discuss in Detail the JPEG Compression Scheme ?.
5. What are the hardware and software requirements for multimedia Computer ? Discuss the Multimedia Application in Business ?.
6. Differentiate between Lossless & Lossy Compression techniques and details ?.
7. Explain Digital Video on Multimedia technology ?.
8. Discuss about Multimedia on the Web ?.
9. Discuss about Multimedia Software ?.

Q3. Attempt any Eight Questions :
1. Differentiate MIDI & Digital Audio and Explain ?.
2. Explain Vector Drawing in Details ?.
3. Discuss on financing case study of a Typical Industry ?.
4. What is meant by Zig Zag Coding ? Explain with an Example ?.
5. Describe Briefly Sampling Variables & Sampling rate .
6. Define Multimedia Products ?.
7. Write down Input devices used in Multimedia Technology?.
8. Explains Browser based Multimedia Delivery ?.
9. Define Multimedia Graphical Tools and Applications ?.

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