BSC IT Java Programming Question Paper For UTU

BSC IT Java Programming Question Paper For UTU 


BSc it Java programming Question Paper can be used Full for IT Student , that can get More Out of Number this java programming Subject . (IT)  (Fifth Semester)

Java Programming

Time Durations  3 hour                                                marks 70

BSC IT Java Programming Question Paper For UTU

Q1. Attempt any Five Questions

  • Write the Features of Java Language in Details ?.
  • Differentiate between AWT and Swing on the Basis of Working and Application ?.
  • Explain how to set Font of an Applet using Font Class and Give suitable code Segment to Demonstrate ?.
  • What is RMI ? Write a short code to Invoke a Remote method using Java RMI ?.
  • What are Characteristics of JDBC? What are the various Steps for using JDBC?.
  • Write a Programs to Demonstrate the Use of Checkbox and Checkbox Group Class ?.

Q2. Attempt any Five Questions

  • What is Layout Manager ?. Describe the Use of Grid Layout Manager ?.
  • Explain the Working of JDBC-ODBC Bridge ?.
  • What are Java Beans ? How you will Create a Bean and How you can use a Bean in JSP Page ?.
  • Explain briefly the Life Cycle of a Servlet ? What are the basic steps for creating a Servlet ?.
  • Why Java is Called Machine Independent Language ? Explain the Functionality of JVM ?.
  • What are java Exceptions ? write about Different types of Exceptions ?.

Q3. Attempt any Five Questions

  • What do you mean by HTTP Redirects ?.
  • Write a Short note on Method Overloading and Method Overriding ?
  • Describe Briefly Super keyword and Final Modifier ?.
  • What do you mean by Classes and objects? Explain with suitable Examples and How object and Classes are created in Java ?.
  • What is the Main Difference between an Application and Applet ? what are the advantages of Java Swing over Java Applet ?.
  • What is Inheritance ? and How to Define Parameterized Constructor and Overriding Method Form the parents Class and Sub Class?.
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